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Eddie Vedder with Queens of the Stone Age. Alpine Valley Music Theatre. 2011.



Time | Pink Floyd

Inglourious Basterds (2009) dir.Quentin Tarantino

Demon Cleaner


An oldie, but a goodie. From behind the scenes of Portlandia.

At least you're gonna have one hell of a story to tell for years to come :P and they probably thought you were so cool and beautiful - so they'll remember you for the next time round!!


That’s so sweet of you to say omg- and yeah you’re right- at least I have an interesting story to tell :)) I hope they remember me if I meet them again, but they must meet a lot of people! xx



Ngl the craziest part of the whole reading experience was probably that a couple days before the sweethead gig I actually said to my friends “imagine if I met the band and got a free reading ticket” like I actually said those words, and they came true

naomi okubo

I'm so jealous of you 😩 but I'm so glad you had such an amazing once in a lifetime QOTSA experience! What was it like to meet Dean & Josh? Those guys are basically the reason I picked up a guitar so must've been incredible! X


Ah thank you, I’m so glad it happened yet so sad it’s over :’( Dean and Josh are the nicest, funniest guys, honestly. I spent most of the time with Dean, he kind of took me under his wing haha, I would’ve been a bit lost by myself backstage if he didn’t kind of stick with me- He was such a sweet, caring guy haha he let me have a little nap on his shoulder when I got a little too drunk to function- I love Dean with allll my heart <3 Josh is hilarious, he has such amazing presence, like when josh is speaking, you can be sure that most of the room are listening- he was cool to me, he shook my hand and that- it was nice of him to make the effort to acknowledge me by name seeing as I was this totally random girl who he didn’t need to speak to at all- he’s just a really genuine guy- it was an incredible experience :)) X